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Vital Signs

Centre Wellington Vital Signs 2015 CovertWelcome to Centre Wellington Community Foundation’s FIRST Vital Signs quality of life report.  We’re excited to be here!

Two of our primary goals have been to help our community move forward by both

  • a) growing capacity through our grant-making activities and
  • b) by convening community conversations.

In keeping with that commitment, CWCF has invested in a Vital Signs, a program of Community Foundations Canada, designed to take the pulse of the community and to help identify the key areas where action and attention is needed most.  

Supporting the CWCF through this initiative is Project Manager Erin Pratley, who has been coordinating the Vital Signs data-driven process since February 2015.  A community advisory group, stakeholder consultations and a community-wide survey helped us paint a picture of our local issues and successes.  Specifically the 2015 Vital Signs report focuses on and examines the following three areas:

  • Gap Between Rich and Poor,
  • Leadership and Belonging, and
  • Arts and Culture.  

Insight derived from this consultative process will provide the information to set community priorities and identify opportunities for action in Centre Wellington.  Our 2015 Vital Signs Report will provide a focus and a sense of purpose for our community philanthropy – our hope is you find it equally useful.

Canadian National Vital Signs Report on Belonging

Centre Wellington Vital Signs Launch Highlights

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