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$500,000 Donation made to Centre Wellington Community Foundation

Russel Cox has made the largest single donation in Cente Wellington Community Foundation’s (CWCF) history of $500,000 to establish the Russel Cox and Family Fund.

We are immensely grateful to Russel Cox for his incredibly generous donation to support our community, said CWCF Executive Director Raymond Soucy. In our discussions with Russel and his family, Russel clearly defined his desire for the Russel Cox and Family Fund to help improve the lives of children in Wellington County.

Russel Cox stated, “My family and I have had the pleasure of employing many people from Wellington County over many years. During that time, we understood that helping children and their families experiencing difficulty could significantly impact their long-term well-being and prosperity. My hope is that this endowment with CWCF will help improve the lives of children in Wellington County.”

The sheer size of Russel’s donation will let us do new types of granting and even look at doing multi-year granting. It will help us, and our local partners, try new ideas to tackle community needs, stated Randall Howard, CWCF Board Chair.

The Fund was established to support children, youth and their families with a significant focus on supporting food insecurity. The Fund can also support other family needs that benefit children and youth.

Funds will be granted within Wellington County, focusing on where Centre Wellington Community Foundation has community knowledge and relationships to ensure maximum community impact.

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