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Your Questions

We are interested in hearing and answering your questions about CWCF. Here are some of the questions we have been asked recently.

What is the Centre Wellington Community Foundation?

Centre Wellington Community Foundation (CWCF) is a locally run, independent public foundation created by and for the people of Centre Wellington.

What do you do?

We help donors make their giving dreams come true through the management and investment of their donated dollars. These dollars are usually put into ‘funds’ that can be donated for charitable purposes including social services, culture, health, education and environment.

How do I make a donation to the Foundation?

There are several ways to donate to the Foundation. Contact us via email or by phone to arrange a meeting or you can donate online using Canada Helps. More information may be found by clicking here.

Can I or my family start a fund?

Yes! If you have a general idea of what you would like to do with your fund, we can work with your financial advisors to establish a fund. There are many different ways funds can be structured. Together we will support your giving goals.

Who is eligible for a grant from the Foundation?

Organizations based in or serving the Centre Wellington community are eligible to apply to for funding. Those organizations that apply must also have a charitable registration number or have approval to use the charitable number of a Flow Through [link to page/index point describing this].

How does my charity apply for a grant from the Foundation?

Our application process is still under development. Groups interested in applying for funds are welcome to contact us for additional information

What are the advantages of giving to the CWCF as opposed to giving directly to the organizations I want to help?

There are lots of ways to give. It is worth having a conversation with your financial planner to talk about the best way to reach your giving goals. Sometimes giving directly to an organization is the best way to make change.

Often however, donors are looking to support ideas rather than specific organizations. In that case, giving to the CWCF lets you support causes that are important to you and know that your money is being pooled with other gifts to grow for the long term. A smaller gift can take advantage of community foundation investing policies and grow to become much more.

Community Foundation donors generally want to give a lump sum to be invested over a long period of time. The income and growth from the donated dollars are then given to causes that are important to donors. These are the gifts that keep on giving.

How does the Foundation ensure that it has the expertise to make smart giving decisions?

When it comes to expertise in specific areas of community building (such as the environment or social services, for example) we will be working with local groups that know their sectors well.

The CWCF will have a detailed evaluation process to make sure that organizations receiving community funds are competent to deliver programs and have the means to keep track of finances.

Am I relinquishing control of my money once I make a gift CWCF? What if I am unhappy with the returns generated by way of the Foundation?

Giving a gift to any charity is an important decision. When you make a gift to the CWCF you are entrusting us to steward your money on your behalf. We cannot return money to donors after issuing a tax receipt as set out in the rules and guidelines from the CRA.

When you give a gift to the Foundation you can trust that it will be looked after by professionals and community members who will care for the resources with the passion and skills needed.

How do I get in touch with the Foundation?

Our contact information is listed here.  You are also welcome to speak directly with a board member as well.