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2013 Mini Grants

At our public meeting on 23 May, 2013 at the Fergus Highland Rugby Club, we unveiled our second roster of 12 Mini-Grant recipients as well as sharing stories about the impact of previous grants. Grants were from Cedarcliff Fund and our Community Fund. We are pleased to be able to support these projects, many of which are innovative new initiatives.  


Monster March Parade

Organization: Centre Wellington Food Bank Project: Elora Monster March Parade

Monster March Parade and “Tutu in you…Sewing off the Edge!” joined together to bring a non-motorized fall parade known as the Monster March to Elora and its visitors.  These community minded volunteers bring creativity, community collaboration, arts, adventure and fun together with an outdoor activity which is a relaxed way for meeting neighbours, parents, kids and business.  The CWCF mini grant supports this annual non-motorized, family-friendly parade.  It will also help purchase supplies as well as offer creative sewing classes for “Tutu in You” to create a re-usable recycled float that can be pulled and steered by its creators who will invite the community to join the Monster March and donate to the Centre Wellington Food Bank.

ECFTA - Outdoor Sculpture

Organization: Elora Centre for the Arts
Project: Elora Outdoor Sculpture Project

The Elora Outdoor Sculpture Project exhibits sculptures in various locations in downtown Elora and is an initiative of the Elora BIA in cooperation with the Township of Centre Wellington and is funded by the Elora BIA with additional financial support from Noecker Travel and Secure Insurance Solutions Group.  The mini-grant will fund work by Erin Perry, a recent graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, who will be creating an outdoor sculpture at the Elora Centre for the Arts Centre during the summer.  Erin will also be the Centre’s Artist-in-Residence during this time period.


2013 grants (2)

Organization: Community Resource Centre
Project: Bungalow 55 DIY Series

Bungalow 55 is a recently established non-profit organization in Centre Wellington providing space, support and programming to local individuals, small business, groups and organizations. The mini-grant will support the Bungalow 55 DIY (Do It Yourself) Series of workshops intended to help participants develop useful skills at an affordable cost. The focus of these workshops will be to promote health and well-being, environmental sustainability, and self sufficiency on a personal and local scale.  The wide-ranging projects include:  home composting; seed starting; patching a drywall hole, fixing a leaky faucet and other small home maintenance projects; preserve making, bread making and healthy meals on a budget.  Workshops will be offered over 6 months and organizers hope it can become self-sustaining after this initial seed funding.

Centre Wellington Social Justice Group

Organization: St James Church, Fergus
Project: Centre Wellington Social Justice Group

The Centre Wellington Social Justice Group is composed of about 35 active members and 65 supporting members, with representation from many organizations and churches.  Following a series of community discussions in 2012, this group identified a key issue facing Centre Wellington; poverty and the vulnerability of those at risk of falling into poverty, in particular working families, senior citizens and people with disabilities.   They maintain that we need to create more awareness and understanding about the causes of poverty and how to reduce it to create a healthy, sustainable Centre Wellington.  Their mini-grant will support a number of community discussions to raise awareness and continue the consensus-building around action to reduce poverty and its effects in our community.

Elora Writers' Festival

Organization: Elora Centre for the Arts
Project: Elora Writers’ Festival

The Elora Writers’ Festival promotes literacy and appreciation for the written word by providing an annual venue for a diverse sampling of Canadian authors.  This festival provides authors an opportunity to expose their body of work to book enthusiast via an afternoon of intimate readings.  The attending public gets the opportunity to hear their favourite books read by the authors who penned them.  This event has proven popular, drawing entrants from all over Ontario and Canada and as far away as New Zealand and India.   Organizers used their mini-grant this year to sponsor two local authors who attended this year’s event held at the end of May.

Food and Friends Breakfast Program

Organization: Children’s Foundation of Guelph & Wellington
Project: Food and Friends Breakfast Program

Food and Friends Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph is a program of the Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington that encourages all children to eat well to support their learning.  One of their programs is ‘Wake up Wellington’, a breakfast program offered at Centre Wellington District High School. It operates five days per week and serves approximately 600 of the school’s 1600 students.  The group will use the mini grant funding to purchase healthy food to help meet the growing demand.  A unique feature of this program is that it allows approximately 75 students the opportunity to prepare the food, therefore teaching them valuable life skills. The program also has 6 regular volunteers that volunteer 130 hours per month.

Let Kids Play!

Organization: Community Resource Centre of North and Centre Wellington
Project: Let Kids Play

Let Kids Play is a program that provides funding to assist low income families with the cost of equipment needed for them to fully participate in recreational activities.  We work closely with the Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington which is often able to cover the registration fees for children’s activities.  What we see is that low-income parents are often unable to afford the cost of equipment such as hockey skates, soccer cleats, lacrosse sticks, baseball gloves, and even indoor running shoes for school gym classes.  This organization will use their mini-grant to help fill that gap so that youth have access to sports and recreational opportunities in our community.

85th Birthday Fergus Grand Theatre

Organization: Fergus Grand Theatre
Project: 85th Anniversary Celebration

2013 marks the 85th anniversary of the Fergus Grand Theatre and a dedicated volunteer committee is planning a grand style celebration in August.   The 3 day event will feature a variety of old movies at 1928 prices (the year the theatre opened!) including The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg, which was the inaugural movie.  The mini-grant will help support the festivities and historic research being invested in celebrating this Fergus heritage landmark.

Kitchen in the Park

Organization: Centre Wellington Food Bank
Project: KIPP Elora Tankless Water Heater

In 2011, KIPP Elora built an outdoor bread oven in Bissell Park as a focal point of collaborative and interactive programming. The current practice of relying on certified kitchens and organizations to make the dough for bread making events is less than conducive to a productive workplace.  The mini-grant funding will help fund the purchase of a tankless water heater at the site, the final piece that is needed to be a fully functioning and approved bread-making site.

Power of Play

Organization: Township of Centre Wellington
Project: Power of Play

This small community group is raising money to build Centre Wellington’s first accessible playground in Fergus to give all children the chance to play and learn.  Construction on this beautiful play structure is now complete and children of all abilities, including physical, cognitive, visual and learning impairments, are enjoying this wonderful addition to our community.  CWCF is happy to be part of the many organizations involved in this project.

Spark of Brilliance

Organization: Canadian Mental Health Association
Project: Spark of Brilliance

This organization, working in Centre Wellington and North Wellington, provides regular workshops offering creative activities to individuals living with mental health and/or addiction issues and provides social opportunities to people who can face isolation.  With this years’ mini-grant, Spark of Brilliance plans to bring in volunteer mentors from all walks of life, including artists, potters and gardeners, to teach participants how to take better of their pets, the environment and their life. Funding will also help support bussing costs and snacks

Organization: Community Living Guelph Wellington
Project: Resources for Parents of Special Needs Children

When children with special needs are born, whether or not parents knew the diagnosis before birth, it can be overwhelming. There are many agencies parents need to be in contact with, sometimes medical needs that must be taken care of along with taking care of the needs of the new baby — all while coming to terms with a diagnosis. Our goal is to help new parents of children with special needs by providing important contacts and agencies, as well as a book for parents to read that offers a wonderful perspective about parenting a child with special needs. This book is called Bloom-Finding Beauty in the Unexpected by Kelle Hampton. The CWCF grant will fund the purchase of these books, as well as the print material that will be provided to parents.


Photos courtesy of Michael Chapman.