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Our Funds

Our funds reflect  significant generosity and a spirit of community innovation from our strong base of donors. As a result, the CWCF has built up over the years an ever-increasing suite of funds, ranging from general “community” funds to very specific purpose funds, that are now accepting gifts:


Community Fund is our core non-restricted fund that grants to a broad range of worthy causes in our community. As such, this fund is an excellent choice for those wishing to fund the widest spectrum of community initiatives.

CKC Elora Community Fund – The fund supports projects within Centre Wellington that are open to all. While any worthy project may be considered, the priority shall be to fund projects related to the improvement or promotion of youth mental health.

Cedarcliff Fund provides dollars to develop and maintain arts and culture in Centre Wellington.  Grants may support operating and/or capital costs of organizations located or performing/showing in the Centre Wellington area.

Centre Wellington Youth Fund – The goal is to foster development and opportunity for individuals and groups of youth in recognizing their potential to influence provincial, national and even international activities, topics and issues while growing up in Centre Wellington. The fund supports a range of activities to develop youth in Centre Wellington. These activities include but are not limited to mentorship, social services, employment, education, physical fitness and other community activities targeting the holistic development of local young people

Granting can be stand-alone or in partnership with agencies/groups with a mission or track record focused on these areas.

EFG Fund serves the community through its primary focus on improving financial knowledge to increase safety and awareness for seniors, youth, families and other community members.

CWCF Jack Fund Logo

Elma and David Jack Youth Recreation Fund was created by the Jack family to honour the memory of their parents. Grants from the fund will be used to offer recreational opportunities to youth. Click links for 5 year sponsorship form or single donation form. Check out our fund on Facebook,by clicking here.

Health Equity Impact Fund  supports improving social determinants of health (SDOH) for the residents of Centre Wellington and surrounding areas. It is known that one’s health is more influenced by living conditions than by medical treatment or lifestyle choices. Examples of SDOH in our community include food insecurity, affordable housing, lack of transportation, poverty, access to health care and community infrastructure & technology.  The Fund will initially deal with food insecurity and will expand to others initiatives as need and resources dictate.

Jack R. MacDonald Community Fund – The purpose of this Fund is to support charitable activities of the Foundation and qualified donees whose purposes are consistent with the objects of the Foundation and, support activities/projects with a significant positive impact on the former Village of Elora.

Kate and Margot Community Fund supports a broad range of charitable activities in which financial grants from the Fund are leveraged by other support, including through significant volunteer commitment, to such charitable activities.

CWCF Kath Hammond

Kathie Hammond Literacy Fund was established to celebrate the life and passions of Kathie Hammond. Money from this fund is used to encourage and support children and learning.

M. Isabel (Richardson) Millage, Ward Shellington, Charles and Diann Millage Youth Fund supports students and youth in our community, particularly those for whom support may reduce barriers to success and be pivotal in increasing their sense of belonging and peer relationships, ultimately equipping them for greater opportunity in their lives. At inception, the intention is to fund a scholarship for such a deserving student in our community, enabling their post-secondary education.­­

Micklebring Fund encourages the creation and appreciation of the arts in the Township of Centre Wellington. Granting from this fund will focus on literary, performing, visual and culinary arts.

Middlebrook Community Fund aims to fund a broad spectrum of granting, primarily focused on the local Community. As future strategic granting initiatives emerge, the fund will aim to prioritize around such emerging needs.


Middlebrook Social Innovation Fund: Social innovation refers to new strategies, ideas and organizations that meet social needs of all kinds that extend and strengthen civil society. As charities and not for profits in our community face new challenges and opportunities, the Fund will invest money in specific activities and programs catalytic to social innovation and improve the ability of organizations to deliver enhanced social returns. More information is available at the Middlebrook Social Innovation site.

Minarovich Arts Fund: The late Stephanie Minarovich was born in Turkey to a Canadian mother and an American father. They moved back to Canada in the late 60’s and settled on Mill St in Elora where a new Bohemian arts scene was starting to take root. Stephanie grew up watching Elora blossom as a place where artists came to create and sell their work. She understood that the vibrant arts scene made Elora an interesting place to live. The people she grew around were liberal, creative and socially aware.

As an adult, Stephanie travelled extensively and she had a love of literature, food, drink and art from around the world. She found others here in Elora who shared these interests and this made her feel lucky to call this place her home. She felt these people were drawn here because of the vibrant arts scene.

Stephanie wished to leave a legacy to help this scene continue to flourish. She understood that the arts were what made Elora a special place.

Russel Cox and Family Fund – Russel Cox and his family have had the pleasure of employing many people from Wellington County over many years. Through this, they clearly recognized that helping children and their families who are experiencing difficulty could make a significant difference to their long-term well-being and prosperity. One of the top challenges is food insecurity which can prevent a child from benefiting from the educational and developmental opportunities available in the community.

Knowing how precious every child is and having been blessed over many years with the outstanding support of a wonderful community, Russel’s hope is that this endowment will help improve the lives of children in Wellington County.

The Fund was established to support children, youth and their families with a significant focus on supporting food insecurity. The Fund has the ability also to support other family needs that will benefit children and youth. Funds will be granted within Wellington County, focusing on where Centre Wellington Community Foundation has community knowledge and relationships to ensure maximum community impact.

Terra Fund supports charitable activities of the Foundation and qualified donees whose purposes are consistent with the objects of the Foundation. This Fund supports local initiatives that promote a love of and appreciation for nature while strengthening our connections to nature.

Wellington North Community Fund – The fund is primarily focused on supporting charitable activities with a significant positive impact on the quality of life for residents in the Township of Wellington North.

Wellington North Youth Fund – The fund is primarily focused on supporting charitable activities with a significant positive impact on the quality of life for youth in the Township of Wellington North.


Community Leadership Fund will help to ensure the Foundation has the resources to carry out its mandate by contributing to funding our long term sustainability.