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The Centre Wellington Community Foundation wants to thank Curt Hammond for his leadership in starting this new giving initiative for men in Centre Wellington.

Next Meeting

The Schedule for 2022 meeting will be coming out shortly. In the meantime, Come make a difference with us. Sign up for CW MEN WHO CARE by going HERE.

We get together four times a year (February, May, August and November ) for one hour to raise money then give it away. Most of our members give $100 every session. Of that 75% goes to charities, and 25%  goes to build the “CW Men Who Care Fund” at the Centre Wellington Community Foundation for long-term support of our community. At each meeting, we invite 3 local charities to give us a 5 min pitch (and we mean 5 minutes!) to share what they would put the money towards. After the 3 pitches, the group votes on which charity they would like to see win and bam: someone walks away with the money. 

We would love you see you as a member of CW Men Who Care. Signing up is fast and easy. Click HERE, fill in the blanks and you are set to go. We’ll keep you updated on what is happening and when the next meeting will be.

Please share this widely TODAY in our community with all the men you know. This is a chance for us to be part of building a stronger Centre Wellington. Let’s see how many gifts we can make.