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The Centre Wellington Community Foundation wants to thank Curt Hammond for his leadership in starting this new giving initiative for men in Centre Wellington.

Hello Centre Wellington men, 

Before COVID, I had started making plans to get a CW Men Who Care started, inspired by what was happening in Guelph and our local 100 CW Women Who Care. The idea of getting together four times a year to have a cold bevie and give money to local charity seems like fun and a good thing to do. I had been in touch with the Centre Wellington Community Foundation and made plans to run all our givings through them. Everything was lining up quite nicely for a big launch and then, well, you know, the pandemic. Big pause.

On this Giving Tuesday however, it occurs to me that we don’t have to wait for our social distancing to end to get this moving. Turns out, this internet can do more than just streaming Netflix! And seeing as the Community Foundation has set up a COVID Relief fund to help local charities take action that is needed today, I think we can get CW Men Who Care up and running virtually. Are you in? It is super easy and you can be a part of it right now.

Here’s my ask to all men in Centre Wellington on Giving Tuesday (May 5) 2020. 

  1. Go to the CW Community Foundation page at Canada Helps.ca
  2. Click on the COVID fund link and make your donation to support local relief work. A gift of $100 would be great, but whatever you can do is welcome and appreciated.
  3. In addition to all the other info requested, in the message box at the top, add “Pass my name onto Curt.”  This will give the Foundation permission to pass your name and email on to me so I can reach out when we are ready to have our (next) CW Men Who Care meeting (in person, maybe). 
  4. Fill in your info, hit submit, and you are in! You’ve joined the coolest and newest club in town, and you are doing something important for our community. #WinWin. Bonus: you will be able to do it again soon, hopefully in person. 

Please share this widely TODAY in our community with all the men you know. This is a chance for us to be part of building a stronger Centre Wellington. Let’s see how many gifts we can make. A collective challenge: I will double my gift if we can get to 50 donors by noon on Friday. GO!