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Third Party Fundraising

We are often asked by local community groups, corporations or individuals how they can help our Foundation be able to fund more great projects in our community.

One very effective way is through THIRD PARTY FUNDRAISING. The idea is quite simple, you run an event or do other activities from which all or a portion can be donated to Centre Wellington Community Foundation. The money can be used for our general granting, through our Community Fund, or else designated to a particular fund, if there is interest in a particular area of focus.

In order to ensure that such activities comply with our policies, many of which are to ensure follow Canada Revenue Agency regulations, we have  drafted a Third Party Fundraising Toolkit and Third Party Guidelines:

Please download these files:

CWCF Third Party Fundraising Toolkit

CWCF Third Party Guidelines

Feel free to contact us at the Foundation at any time to discuss with us.